We say: quality can never be compromised and must be evaluated in person.

When curating our collection of the world’s most couture travel experiences, hotels, small cruise ships and vintage trains we leave nothing at chance. Our dedication to offering only the very best is relentless. We personally vet and inspect every experience in our collection before we propose it to you. In today’s world it is easy to be 5-star, easy to be featured in a magazine’s top list, easy to be tempted to trust online reviews or the seduction of a glossy web site. We don’t buy it, until we see it, until we feel it. Above all we make sure our partner and its people are relational not transactional.

We welcome you to browse our collection here, but the advising happens in person, face to face or over the phone. Nothing is bookable online, except for your profiling meeting which instantly confirms. After we meet our exclusive brochure is also yours to keep.

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