Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hakone

Day 1-5: Tokyo. Hypermodern and ancient. Experience Ginza district, uber-expensive real estate with high end department stores; the fish market; Meiji Jingu Shrine; Asakusa – for a piece of old Japan, a tea ceremony or calligraphy lesson. Shopping in fashion street Takeshita Dori.

Day 5-7: Kanazawa. Visit the Samurai and Geisha districts; an exquisite garden; a tea house; and a contemporary art museum. Enjoy deep ryokan hospitality, hot spring baths and 10-15 course Kaseiki dinner.

Day 7-10: Kyoto. Ancient capital with a glorious past. See a Shogun castle; The Golden Pavilion and other inspiring temples; the geisha district of Gion.

Day 10-11: Hakone. Views of Mt Fuji. Total hospitality; a hot spring bath; and gourmet Kaseiki dinner in your room.

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