Monument Valley

Southwest clamping

Explore the USA’s most iconic protected natural areas while staying in a luxurious glamping tent. From the raw whetted canyons of Utah move on to rushing waters and secret sites unearthing evolutionary history. Bask in the iconic awe-inspiring landscape of Monument Valley as you enjoy traditional Navajo entertainment in a picturesque canyon closed to the general public. Monument Valley is vast, wild and sun drenched, with deep canyons and towering buttes. The sky is equally vast, and the earth red, rough and worn by wind, water and baking sun. A wide canvas for deep new experiences. As the sun sets, journey into the desert by RZR to a remote camp equipped with telescopes where you will join for an evening stargazing experience. Fly to your next adventure. Embark on a whitewater rafting journey through the otherworldly terrain of Canyonlands National Park from a remote launch point only accessible by plane. Put a geological and palaeontological time scale on all this. In a secret spot you will join a private palaentology dig – looking for fossils that reveal past life in these deserts. Work alongside an elite university’s palaeontology team on a restricted active dig site.

Your glamping tent is as civilized as you need – but not too civilized. While all the comforts are there, like a decent bed and crisp linen, warm shower and flushing WC en suite, it’s all very earthy and close to nature. Eat dinner from the barbecue and lounge on your tent’s private deck under a blazing starry sky, with the heavens diamond clear as they can only be in the desert. Hear the sounds of night creatures through the canvas. Your tent stands away from crowds and ablution blocks – and you will be blessed with an attentive team including guide.


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